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Who wouldn't want to wake up feeling like a


- Amber Young


Help your clients feel luxurious and confident with easy to fan, beautiful lash extensions with a never ending curl! FantaSea's Premium Lashes are the ultimate must-have for Premium Lash Artists!

Buy them. Try them. Love them.

What better way to give yourself a major confidence boost than visiting Amber! I don't know much about make up application, but she sure does! Her application is flawless. Color matching perfect. And the way she can make your eyes pop - OUTSTANDING. She takes the time to listen to what kind of look you are going for and uses her artistic ability and creativity to make you feel like a top model. I love going to see her for special events or even just going out and hitting the town. I'm a busy mom, and always feel drab and tired looking. Well, that is gone as soon as I leave Amber's chair. Additionally, she keeps me looking flawless throughout the weeks with her amazing lashes! But that's a whole other testimonial in it's own!!!!!! 

-  Kendra K



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