Meet the Mermaid

Amber Young

Amber Young is a Luxury Lash Extension and Make Up Artist who helps her clients feel flawless, sexy and confident with every service.

Starting in the beauty industry as a model herself, Amber understands and is passionate about instilling confidence and self-love in her clients. She believes every woman deserves to feel alluring and beautiful every day.

She’s worked with world-renowned makeup artist, Ling Agaran (who has worked at the Versace Mansion, with Pnina Tornai and featured at New York Fashion week) and was a key factor in Ling’s coaching event – The Beauty Artist Business Mastery. Amber is the preferred Lash and Makeup artist for local glamour photographer, Cherie Cymbalisty, featured in Andiver Magazine and Inside Fitness.

Known as a Luxury Lash and Makeup Artist, Amber specializes in first-class lash extension and makeup application. Her reputation as a leading lash artist in the industry led her to design a premium line of lash products for artists. With top praise from lash artist legends like Fluff & Gaddess, Today’s Lady Artistry, Lush Eyes and Maison de Talon, they rival the top brands in the market.

With invitations to the Grammy’s Celebrity Gift Suite event in Los Angeles, business workshops in Calgary and Vancouver, luxury weddings in Toronto, and 5-star reviews across the board, Amber is raising the bar on the Lash Extension and Makeup industry. She continuously strives to build her brand to ensure the level of excellence and quality her high-end clients and customers have come to love and trust.

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