I cannot say enough about the amazing quality of work this woman does! I originally got my lashes done at a Lash Bar (silly me) and was so scarred from it that I was ready to quit getting lashes altogether. Since I started going to Amber my outlook has changed and I am now a full on lash lover! She cares about the work she does and puts time and effort into making it perfect. For Amber it's not about the quantity of sets she does its the quality and when it comes to something as sensitive as your eyes that makes a huge difference. She knows exactly what I like/need when it comes to lashes whether it's a mega volume set for a trip or a toned down regular volume for every day! I would 110% recommend her to all of my family and friends and anyone wanting to look good and feel better - thank you Amber!!!


- Angela V.

What can I say, but Amber is a master of her craft! I used to get my lashes done at a nail salon. The glue they used was not meant for eyes, and was so strong that I had to stuff tissue up my nose and cover my mouth or else I couldn't breath. The extensions were thick and twisted and pulled out my natural lashes, and left them weak and short. I decide to give my eyes a break, and then I saw Ambers work on a friend, and knew I had to give it a try. Never before have a had lashes so long and full, but still light and fluffy! They don't weigh down, they don't twist, they feel and look amazing!! I have never looked back, and have been a regular client of Ambers since. I can't say enough good things not only about my lashes, but about Amber as well. She is fabulous at what she does, and she makes you have fun and look fantastic. I highly recommend letting Amber bring out your inner goddess, you won't be disappointed!

- Lindsay S.

What better way to give yourself a major confidence boost than visiting Amber! I don't know much about make up application, but she sure does! Her application is flawless. Color matching perfect. And the way she can make your eyes pop - OUTSTANDING. She takes the time to listen to what kind of look you are going for and uses her artistic ability and creativity to make you feel like a top model. I love going to see her for special events or even just going out and hitting the town. I'm a busy mom, and always feel drab and tired looking. Well, that is gone as soon as I leave Amber's chair. Additionally, she keeps me looking flawless throughout the weeks with her amazing lashes! But that's a whole other testimonial in it's own!!!!!! 

Kendra K

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